War of the Dead - Survivors of the Pinacle


The survivors eventually drift into the Calm Seas Marina near Fairport, North Carolina.

There they see that the bitey dead weren’t in any way restricted to the Pinnacle, and that the rest of the world is overrun too.

We meet old man Henry and his wife, who take the crew in and feed ’em, and bring us up to date.

Next the Ghost Riders turn up, led by Hell Fuerrie and his horrible girlfriend Spiderbait. Railroading ensued, and the PCs find themselves being forced to provide distraction for the bikers while they go and loot the nearby town. The party promptly arm themselves and take out most of the gang.

They return to Henry’s house to see Spiderbait kill his wife, a shootout follows and the session ends with the survivors escaping in the RV


Niallzzzzzzq Niallzzzzzzq

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