War of the Dead - Survivors of the Pinacle

05 - Shopping

The PCs go on a trip into Jacksonville in search of night-nurse.

On the way they meet a few other survivors trying to escape perilous situations, including a racist gun salesman.

They eventually reach a wallmart and scour it’s wreckage for flu medicine. Some considerable time later they return to the distribution warehouse in time to save the sick child and get out just as the place collapses in a horrible mess.

They leave and are on their way when they are met with a crashing helicopter coming towards them on the road…

04-Road Trip

The Survivors pile into Henry’s RV and scoot off down the road. They soon pick up some folllowing Ghost Riders who are taken out, mostly with pillows and scalpels.

The little girl Becky, a survivor from the Pinnacle’s tennis court, develops flu-like symptoms which worsen with time. Drama follows but she is allowed to live in the end. Tension between Gruber and Macafferty and Jenny

Progress is made towards the rescue stations at Jacksonville, with various hazards and blocks in the road. We are introduced to glowing eyed mutant walkers who can run. They are named Runners.

Jacksonville comes into sight around dusk, only to turn out to be in the process of collapsing quarantine. A refugee camp with aid workers and soldiers is overrun before the party, to the distant sounds of artillery fire on the city centre.

A wave of bodies, alive and dead, rushes over the RV, and a human stampede see the survivors carrying a barely alive Samantha out and away.

The session ends with the PCs and a bunch of survivors holed up in a seemingly secure warehouse on the edge of the city. Becky needs medicine they don’t have, or she won’t survive the night.


The survivors eventually drift into the Calm Seas Marina near Fairport, North Carolina.

There they see that the bitey dead weren’t in any way restricted to the Pinnacle, and that the rest of the world is overrun too.

We meet old man Henry and his wife, who take the crew in and feed ’em, and bring us up to date.

Next the Ghost Riders turn up, led by Hell Fuerrie and his horrible girlfriend Spiderbait. Railroading ensued, and the PCs find themselves being forced to provide distraction for the bikers while they go and loot the nearby town. The party promptly arm themselves and take out most of the gang.

They return to Henry’s house to see Spiderbait kill his wife, a shootout follows and the session ends with the survivors escaping in the RV

02-Escape The Pinnacle

Escaping the burned out Bridge with some mysterious mercenaries in tow, via the overrun security suite and stopping to pick up Mr Forthington, the now enormous PC party attempts to make it’s way to the one remaining safe option for escape – the mercs’ speedboat

The last part of the journey was a short walk over the front of the ship, stopping off for a game of chainsaw tennis and a quick drink at the bar.

Other survivors appeared, some lasted longer than others.

There were some remaining lifeboats, but these were swiftly compromised.

01 - Cruise

The maiden voyage of the state of the art cruise ship Pinnacle.

More to include:
Patient zero Mr Billy Haynes, and his wife
Captain Romero
Mr Forthington, the ship’s slimy owner
The bad-ass old lady with the walker
Fletcher Freaking Out in the hospital
Bjørn’s inlaws

Will update after i’ve put the photos on


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